Key West Fishing Charters – Fishing Trips For All

Going on vacation once in a while is a great way to relax, unwind, and forget all about those things that have been stressing you out at home or even at work. With this, you have to choose an excellent destination – a place where you can enjoy some outdoor activities.

If you are a fishing fanatic and you are in the United States, then head nowhere but to Key West, Florida, which lies at the southernmost end of US Route 1. Aside from its lively nightlife, it is also known for its amazing beaches, water sports, and world-class fishing. So while you are there, why not book a fishing charter as well to make your fishing experience more exciting? You will surely have a good time in Key West doing that!

Key West Fishing Trips

In America, there are only a few places that offer the fishing variation that Key West has. That’s exactly the reason why this place has received countless awards and recognition. It sure beats a lot of places in the world as well. This part of Florida is amazing, indeed.

So what can you expect from a fishing trip in this area and what makes it special?

Key West has a very interesting history. It is thought that it used to be the haven for pirates and the ships that they have stolen. Those rusty vessels that have survived now serve as a home for various fish species such as snapper, permit, and amberjacks, just to mention a few.

Furthermore, this destination has several natural and human-made fishing harbors where you can see cobia and tarpon. There are healthy reefs along the shoreline too where species like mackerel, snapper, and yellowtail lurk.

Getting excited? Here are the most common types of fishing that you can do during your trip in Key West:

·         Dreamy Bridge Fishing

If you or perhaps one of your family members is a newbie and just want to test the water, then you can do the so-called “dreamy bridge” fishing. As the term implies, this is done from shore or over one of the bridges. This would be an excellent activity that you can engage your whole family in, especially if you are traveling with older adults or young kids who are not yet ready to brave the high seas.

·         Inshore Fishing

As a beginner, inshore fishing is another good way to start experiencing this type of outdoor activity in Key West. The water is no deeper than 30 meters, so you can expect it to be calm. You can then utilize a less intense boat.

·         Deep-Sea Fishing

This type, also known as offshore fishing, is done far away from the shoreline, at least 20 miles out and the waters are thousands of feet deep. That is why it is called deep-sea fishing. The good thing about this is that, due to the depth of the water, you will be able to catch barracuda, sailfish, kingfish, and many more.

·         Flat Fishing

This activity involves exploring the shallow saltwater areas using a small skiff, kayak, or canoe. Your guide will show where exactly you will see species like snook and tarpon. But you have to really quiet if you want to get a good catch.

·         Party Fishing

Now if you want to just enjoy the day, socializing with other people while offshore, then you may opt for party fishing. You also have the option to book a private fishing charter, especially if you are going with a large group.

Best Fishing Charters in Key West

In order for you to enjoy the waters of Key West, you need to find the best fishing charter with the most excellent equipment and, of course, a nice boat and professional crew.

With that said, here are the top fishing charters in the Florida Keys:

·         Dream Catcher Charters

This group has already been in business for 20 long years. Therefore, you can expect nothing but the best from them. Regardless of the age group of their clients, they ensure that, at the end of the day, everybody is happy and satisfied, bringing home a fun-filled fishing experience.

·         Marathon Reef Fishing Charters

Whether you are a beginner or experienced angler, Marathon Reef Fishing Charters would be the perfect choice if you are interested in sailing across the waters of Key West while reef fishing. You can charter a boat that can accommodate up to six people and just enjoy the beautiful weather.

Key West Fishing Charter Prices

Key West fishing charter prices vary from one company to another, depending on the type of fishing that you are interested in and, of course, the boat that you require. But just to give you an idea, here is a rough estimate:

·         Offshore Fishing Trip

Full-Day – $1250

¾ Day – $1100

Half-Day – $800

·         Reef and Wreck Fishing Trip

Full-Day – $1250

¾ Day – $1100

Half-Day – $800

You can avail of split charter rates or pay per seat.

Again, the prices may differ, so it would be best to contact a company of your choice. You can also request a quote for a customized fishing trip.

Key West Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Out of all the types of fishing trips in the Florida Keys, deep-sea fishing is by far the most exciting one since this allows you to explore the ocean as well as the species in it way better. However, to successfully do that, you need a reliable boat, equipment, and guide. That is why you really need to look for the best deep-sea fishing charters.

There are so many companies that you can choose from, and it would be good if you make a comparison of their packages as well as their rates. You can simply go online and visit their websites.

The likes of Fish Key West, Tailchaser, Triple Time, Dream Catcher, and High Stakes will help you create deep-sea fishing memories in Key West that you will cherish for as long as you live.